17 MARCH 2022

End of Bayhouse structural work

Last Friday, March 11, we reflected on the end of the tunnel construction for Bayhouse. The last so-called tunnels have been poured. Tunnel construction is a construction method with which walls and storey floor are realized in one pour. Working with tunnel formwork is also referred to as tunnelling. During the tunneling, the already known copper provisions were immediately poured in. As a result, no sockets and the like need to be milled in later in the construction.

The construction workers could enjoy sandwiches and soup from a real food truck, which appeared on the construction site around noon. The weather cooperated well. This milestone was celebrated under the clear blue sky. We are now also making good progress with the facade closure. The curtain wall facades of the first floors are in place and the concrete facade elements also find their way into the building. The first three floors of the Oostgebouw are standing, so that the contour of The View of Rotterdam is becoming increasingly clear here as well.

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