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A fresh look at housing

Quadrant4 and the orange go hand in hand, just like our tagline 'a fresh perspective on housing.' Our architects collaborate with our other specialists, such as BREEAM experts, facility managers, installation consultants, and real estate consultants on our projects. We approach each project by considering the existing situation, which is called the 4th quadrant. From there, we look towards the future of our clients, using housing as a means of production. That's our fresh perspective on real housing.

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Eric de Vetten and Rudy van de Water founded the company in 2011 and ever since Quadrant4 has been providing accommodation for industry, healthcare, education and the government. Starting point is sustainable innovation and staying ahead in the market.

The requirements and wishes of the end user and his business processes are translated into a design. Integral thinking and acting are paramount. To make this happen the necessary services are brought together all under one roof.

Since 2021, Roy Bruggeman and Ben Kessing have joined the company as partners. The team has now expanded to 31 colleagues.

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Pushing boundaries together is inspiring!

We serve many internationally active clients and, as a result, have more and more projects outside the Netherlands. We are curious about the opportunities abroad. And because dreaming is allowed, as leaders in sustainable design, we would very much like to design and contribute to the realization of the ultimate sustainable building. It would be great if we can connect again this year because pushing boundaries together
inspires. Are you in?

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Quality first!

Looking to the near future, our focus is on quality. We’re looking to maintain the upward trend that we have found in this. In addition, we see opportunities in the structural support of technical property management (contract management). Moreover, we’re crossing the border more often. Our international projects give us more name recognition. As a result, we receive more requests from abroad. And the cross-border activities of our existing customers also contribute to the internationalization of Quadrant4. This is both exciting AND crazy!

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Are you coming?

The fact is also that Quadrant4 is never ‘done’. We are working on further making our business sustainable. We are continuously guarding the level of quality and investing in the knowledge of our employees and in maximizing processes. Moreover, we are preparing ourselves for the new environmental code. Innovating runs like a thread through our company.

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