Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes further than sustainable business. We strive to care in every possible way: for our employees, our customers, in the realization of our projects and for our environment.

We take our social responsibility. We are always looking for ways to reduce the footprint of our organization and we ensure that the sustainable employability of our employees is guaranteed with a safe, pleasant workplace.

We approach caring for people as broadly as possible, we facilitate our employees in their personal growth and we are also happy to help people who are less fortunate. For example, through our participation in the Made Blue Water project and through our collaboration with Vanhulley. Read more about these projects below.

2023 Vanhulley

Offering opportunities and prospects for the future

Vanhulley offers a work-learning trajectory for women. Not just women, but women who desperately want a chance to take serious steps towards a better future. Read here about what Vanhulley means for many women with a distance to the labor market and learn about a nice project we carried out in cooperation with Vanhulley.

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2023 Invest In Your Employees

Social entrepreneurship

Being a good employer, what do we to achieve a lasting cooperation with our employees.

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Madeblue, clean drinking water for everyone

For every liter of water used by Quadrant4, the Made Blue concept organizes the same number of liters of clean drinking water in developing countries. By participating in this initiative, Quadrant4 opts for sustainable business with measurable impact near and far.



The Roparun is a non-stop relay race that has been held since 1992 between Rotterdam and Paris. In the Pentecost weekend, from Saturday afternoon to Monday afternoon, the participants have to cover a distance of approximately 520 kilometers.

Raising money is the main goal of this sporting achievement. The money is intended to finance projects that improve the lives of people with cancer, as far as possible.

Quadrant4 has been participating in this event through the LEDsFoundation for three years in a row.

2020 Trilux Roparun (1)

Quitting is no option

Willem Dammers managing director of Trilux Benelux and Eric de Vetten of Quadrant4 share a passion for thinking differently, for running and for doing what is right. Both men and both companies have found each other professionally and also in the field of CSR. 

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Bijenhotel Elho

Bee hotel elho

In collaboration with a beekeeper, we have developed an area on the site of elho (the elho family business produces sustainable plant pots) with a bee hotel and specific plants to attract as many bees as possible. Schools regularly organize excursions to the area where the children learn all about the bees and the honey that is made there. In mid-2023, the bee hotel will be moved to a new location for which we also made the new design.