13 JANUARY 2023

Quadrant4 Qollege - Developments in fire safety

Developments in fire safety

The Quadrant4 Qollege will start this year with the topic; fire safety. This time the knowledge and experience will be transferred from Unica Fire Safety.

Unica Fire Safety offers fire safety solutions that prevent fire or limit damage if a fire breaks out in your property. Quadrant4 takes fire safety into account early in the design process and has extensive experience with legislation and regulations on sprinkler installations. Rudy van de Water (Quadrant4) and Tom Verschoor (Unica Fire Safety) have known each other for 25 years from the industry.

Rudy: “In 2011 we first came into contact with the water mist system for the Textile Museum in Tilburg. After this major implementation of fire safety, we are happy to share this technique within our team”.

After a cup of coffee and the personal introduction, the Qollege started.

The topics we discussed last January 13 were:

  • Sprinkler technology and the impact on installation, building and realization
  • New possibilities in terms of building height and design freedom
  • Sustainability in sprinkler technology
  • Digitally controlled technology
  • Water mist technique
  • System maintenance and renovation

Afterwards there was an opportunity to ask questions. Thanks to Unica Fire Safety it was a successful afternoon.

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