DBS K1 Kantine

DB Schenker K1

2022 Dbschenker (1)

Valuable sparring partners

The headquarters of DB Schenker Benelux is located in Tilburg. It was due for a thorough renovation with the aim of optimal connection to sustainable work processes of today and the near future.

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DBS K1 Architectuur
DBS K1 Kantine
DBS K1 Pantry
DBS K1 Vergaderruimte
DBS K1 Wasstraat
DBS K1 Architectuur 2
DBS K1 Architectuur 3
DBS K1 Balie
DBS K1 Carport
DBS K1 Gangzone
DBS K1 Ingang
DBS K1 Kantoren
DBS K1 Magazijn
DBS K1 Magazijn 2
DBS K1 Ontvangst
Q4 Cirkel Maarten 430

“I want to be able to put things on the table. So that everyone understands why you have to make certain choices. That requires openness and the courage to speak to each other. We work as an extension of the DB Schenker team. This is only possible if we work together in complete confidence.”

Maarten Peters, Quadrant4