DRIVEN by dreams

In the summer of 2024, it’s finally happening. Oisterwijk will be the new home for Porsche Centrum Brabant (part of PGZ). This was by no means a logical choice. Porsche’s initial preferences, such as a visible location along the highway, were abandoned because in Oisterwijk, all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.
The zoning plan was suitable, the available land was large enough, the Oisterwijk Municipality was enthusiastic, and the ideas and ambitions of all those involved in the project seamlessly aligned. Bart van Eijndhoven (owner of the land and the upcoming building), Robert van Barneveld (Business Development Director PGZ), and Rudy van de Water (owner of Quadrant4) take pride in the fact that
Oisterwijk will soon have an additional gem.

Robert: “The search took quite a while. We were looking for more than 5,000m2 which is not easy to find in
Brabant. Especially when you want to be centrally located in the province, in or near a city, and at a visible location along the highway. Unlike in the past, local governments are not as supportive of ‘car-related’ projects. It’s a pity because, with this project, Porsche is leading in terms of sustainability and innovation. I’m glad we’ve found a near-perfect location now.”

Bart: “I have been a Porsche (Eindhoven) customer for 33 years and learned from the owners, Ad Geerts and
Luc Vanderfeesten, that they were struggling in their search for a new plot to realize the new Porsche Centrum Brabant. I happened to have a piece of land (with an existing building) that might be suitable. I then approached the Oisterwijk Municipality to see if this was an option, and they responded very positively. That’s how it happened. The existing building was dismantled in 2022, and we are now working hard on a magnificent building for Porsche. A small part of the building will be arranged differently, and I will use it as a family office.”

Open, different, and sustainable

Rudy: “We aim to achieve the BREEAM Excellent sustainability certificate for this building. Additionally,
the building will have a beautiful, transparent appearance, and a high-tech workshop will be included. It will be a building of the future, considering its functionalities. VBJ Architects, the firm that designed the building, has done excellent work.”

Robert expains: “The new architectural guidelines for Porsche businesses have recently been rolled out. ‘Destination Porsche’ represents a different philosophy. When you walk in, you’ll sense the distinctiveness. Experience. Hospitality. And openness. It will be a hotspot that you’d like to visit, even if you’re not buying a car. Facilities for corporate events or gatherings will also be available. In addition to housing the Porsche
dealership for Brabant, we will have PGZ’s overhead staff, the cleaning and repair company, and spaces for
motorcycles and Bentley occasions.”

Q4 Porsche 938 Kopie

Well-functioning construction team

Bart: “I’m especially pleased with the very well-functioning construction team. We lay everything out on the table. Porsche, the tenant, is guided by construction advisor John van Spanje, while I, as the landlord, am
supported by Quadrant4 and Janssen Aannemers. There is great trust. And Robert is an incredibly effective leader of the entire project. That also needs to be acknowledged.” 

Rudy: “This is so important. Only by working together in this way can you achieve the best result both
qualitatively and financially. Porsche’s advisor ensures the brand’s identity is maintained. Quadrant4 focuses
on sustainability and quality. And yes, many employees from companies involved in this project find it an
attractive one to work on.”

Robert: “You can definitely see that the magic of the Porsche brand overflows into this project.      ‘Driven by dreams.’ Everyone is thrilled to participate and contribute.”

Happy with and proud of the result

Rudy: “For me, it’s mainly about the fact that they fully embraced our advice to make it sustainable. additionally, I’m curious if it will indeed become a kind of ‘clubhouse.’ A place you like to visit and where you might enjoy lunch on De Lind in Oisterwijk before or after. I would personally find that very enjoyable.” 

Bart: “As a Porsche driver with two racing sons at Porsche, I naturally find it amazing that we are realizing this in my hometown of Oisterwijk. We didn’t meet Porsche’s location criteria, but we still succeeded. That’s beautiful. And you know what I appreciate? We work with local partners as much as possible on this project.” 

Robert: “It will be a top place to work for all colleagues. A state-of-the-art facility that truly contributes to the joy of work. That’s something all our hard workers truly deserve. I’m very happy about that. Just a little more patience...”




“You will also enjoy coming here even if you are not going to buy a car”