11 JULY 2023

Office concept for Van der Velden Rioleringsbeheer B.V.

This is what Van der Velden Rioleringsbeheer stands for

Van der Velden Rioleringsbeheer is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of complete and sustainable services in the (waste) water chain and has over 55 years of experience. The company operates through 17 regional branches, providing nationwide coverage. This family business is led by the 3rd generation and is currently headquartered in Boxtel in Brabant, which will move to Den Bosch.

“Caring for the environment is essential for our future generations”. Based on this motivation and mission, Van der Velden signed the “Sustainable Development Goals Charter”. During the day-to-day activities, the organization and its employees contribute to the 17 global goals set out in the SDG Charter.


The Connecting factor

Quadrant4 and Van der Velden Rioleringsbeheer came into contact with each other through Klictet Installatieadviesbureau. The connecting factor was the inspiration gained during a visit to our own office accommodation, namely the shoe factory in Oisterwijk. From here we worked together to arrive at a sustainable and tasteful office concept for the Van der Velden team.


Corporate style “Van der Velden”

On the road and during national activities, Van der Velden's yellow commercial vehicles are unmistakably present at the various works. The organization aims to extend this recognizability and clarity to their real estate as well. Upon entering their premises, the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the family business is immediately present.

The new building in Buren and the renovation of the future head office in Den Bosch offer the perfect opportunity to launch a pilot for interior and exterior applications.


Logo Geel Klein

'Quadrant 4 then did a deep dive into our corporate style and translated it into a fresh interior.'

Veronique Broeren (Coördinator Marketing & Communication)

Intervision group

Together with the working group, we have discussed the implementation of the construction plans and identity of Van der Velden during various intervisions over the past six months. Based on these discussions, the vision on accommodation and the office concept was further developed and finalized.

Fundamentally, Van der Velden's accommodation will be functional with a warm aesthetic. Of course, the yellow accent color cannot be forgotten, it will be used appropriately in, for example, custom-made furniture. Existing furniture will be reused or refurbished to meet the current user standards and desired appearance. Van der Velden has a rich history and has an ambitious future planned. These memories and missions will be told through various wall visuals.

The Quadrant4 project management team is currently actively involved in the construction work for the Buren and Den Bosch locations. The architectural completion of the Buren location is expected by the mid-end of the calendar year, while the Den Bosch location will be finished by mid-September 2023.


Van der Velden speaking

“From the very beginning, Quadrant 4 was able to take us well into the possibilities of the renovation of the building in Den Bosch and the new building in Buren. The former building in Boxtel became too small and no longer suited our needs. Internally we have carefully tested where those needs lie, for example, so-called acoustic call boxes will be installed in the building in Den Bosch where colleagues can withdraw for a phone call or to work undisturbed.

Quadrant 4 then did a deep dive into our corporate style and translated it into a fresh interior. From various options we have opted for a homely atmosphere with a base of wooden elements. In Buren it concerns an extension of the office building, which will be built opposite the current building. We are really looking forward to using our head office in Den Bosch, and eventually also the Buren branch, and making it our own.


Location Den Bosch

Client: Van der Velden Rioleringsbeheer B.V.

Interior Design: Quadrant4 

Project management: Quadrant4

Contractor: Dema Totaal Afbouw B.V.


Location Buren

Client: Van der Velden Rioleringsbeheer B.V.

Architect: Moesbergen bouwadviesbureau

Installation consultancy: Klictet

Interior Design: Quadrant4 

Project management: Moesbergen bouwadviesbureau

Contractor: Bouwbedrijf Van der Helden  

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