Optimizing Functionality for PLUS Deventer

Within the logistics center of PLUS in Deventer, we are responsible for the commissioning activities, with the ultimate goal of achieving optimal technical operation during the usage phase. We would like to take you behind the scenes and follow Dennis van der Plas (commissioning manager at Quadrant4). A commissioning manager is responsible for a procedural assessment of the performance and qualities of the installations in a building.

Commissoning plan

Een eerste stap is het opstellen van een commissoningsplan, hiervoor draagt Quadrant4 zorg als commissioning authority. With the contents of the commissioning plan, we act as directors of the performance and qualities of the installations, including monitoring during the execution phase and complete commissioning. To support the commissioning process, it is essential to allocate sufficient time for the commissioning and re-commissioning of the installations and control systems, including testing of the building's physical properties.

With the PLUS project, we are currently in the delivery phase of commissioning management, where we strive to achieve the predetermined ambition for BREEAM-NL Excellent certification.

Facts and Figures of PLUS

The new, state-of-the-art PLUS distribution center has been developed by HVBM and Bruil Construction Group and is located at a prominent location near A1 in Deventer. This new distribution center is used by PLUS for, among other things, the storage and distribution of various fresh products. In addition to the distribution center, there is also over 3,000 m2 of office space in the building. There are over 14,000 solar panels on the roof, and the building has the highest achievable energy label A+++++.

Since we’re dealing with fresh products, the distribution center is mostly cooled. To achieve this, there is almost 2 Megawatts of cooling capacity available. During the cooling process, a lot of heat is generated. The released heat from the cooling process is utilized to heat the offices.

BREEAM-NL (MAN 04) system - Commissioning Managment

‘Encouraging a good way of commissioning and transferring the building and installations, so that optimal operation in the usage phase is ensured’. This is how MAN 04, commissioning and transfer within the BREEAM-NL system, is described. With the following three credits, you can meet these requirements and achieve 1 point per position:

  • Commissioning of the installations and control systems (mandatory from Very Good);
  • Commissioning of the constructional shell;
  • Delivery and transfer (mandatory from Excellent).
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Word from Dennis;

To clarify the importance of commissioning to clients, I always ask the following question: "Would you board a plane or a car if you knew it hadn't been checked for correct operation and performance?" The answer is usually "no".

However, in practice, a building is often put into use without being fully checked for the agreed performance. As a result, 70% of the climate installations in buildings are not optimally adjusted and therefore perform less efficiently.

By performing commissioning, we can prevent this. The objectives of commissioning are therefore:

  • Delivering a safe building;
  • Improving energy performance and minimizing energy use;
  • Reducing operational costs;
  • Ensuring adequate training and education of maintenance staff;
  • Improving system documentation.

Seasonal testing

Because we experience different outdoor conditions throughout the year, we remain actively involved after delivery and ensure that the installation still meets the specified performance. Additionally, we check for user complaints and ensure that energy consumption remains in order.

Designated individuals are present as witnesses, such as the user themselves, internal maintenance staff, or an external party. After each seasonal test, a report is produced, allowing us to achieve the most optimal climate performance with energy-efficient installation.

BREEAM-NL (MAN 05) User instructions

After completing the commissioning process, prior to delivery, we hand over a complete dossier to the client. The handover is intended to instruct the user, owner, and manager about the building. Quadrant4 provides the necessary explanations and instructions on the operation and setup of the installations. Additionally, it is also important to guide users on how to deal with malfunctions/emergencies. For us, it remains a continuous process in which we are happy to remain involved as advisors.

"BREEAM-NL is not necessary to apply commissioning"