05 JULY 2022

The head office of TBV Wonen is being renovated

Sustainable change

The first renovations have already been completed; namely some district offices of TBV Wonen. Now that working at home and working in the neighborhood have been prepared, the head office can also be renovated. Quadrant4 has the task of supervising TBV Wonen in drawing up a housing vision, the design for the renovation of the head office and supervising the realization of the project.

TBV Wonen is a housing corporation with over 7300 rental properties and is a household name in and around Tilburg! More than 100 employees work for this innovative and socially involved housing corporation. Their involvement is desirable during the process, so 3 working groups have been set up; Construction, Technology and Interior working group.

TBV Wonen considers a better environment important. Their sustainability goals not only focus on their rental properties, but also on their own office accommodation. Spearheads from the TBV Wonen identity are used as a starting point in making their office more sustainable, so that the building contributes to the will to be involved, present and decisive. TBV Wonen wants to be visually recognizable and establish a clear link with “Tilburgse”. The character of a housing corporation must be “felt” across all floors at Spoorlaan no. 430.

The action plan has been forged and executive parties have now been contracted. Together with the working groups, we are currently putting the dots on the i. We hope to be able to present the final picture soon.

Q4 Cirkel Maarten 430

The renovation contributes to sustainability and contemporary interior and workplace solutions are also being realized for a hybrid working method. In the new concept there is room for meeting, working together and attention for the home furnishing store.

The design process is a fun and dynamic process, where I have seen great involvement and enthusiasm among the TBV Wonen employees involved. Personally, I really enjoy being able to guide TBV Wonen to their new accommodation

Martin Peters
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