30 JANUARY 2023

Wine and Food 2023

That anticipation, that's already so much fun!

Marieke speaks: We would like to uphold this special tradition and we always have a lot of anticipation when we start the preparations in October. It is also very nice to see the registrations coming in after sending the invitation.


Wine and Food 2023

Quadrant4 received 140 visitors last Friday, January 27, during the annual Wine and Food event. Never before have we had such high visitor numbers. The guests of Quadrant4 were hospitably received between the fire pits, after which they were guided further inside by the Quadrant4 team in an atmospheric Shoe Factory. The joint enjoyment could begin!


Lots to share

A lot has changed in a short time and therefore a lot to share. Eric and Rudy welcomed everyone and shared their experiences of the past year with the renewed website of Quadrant4 as the showpiece! After this festive unveiling, the group could enjoy delicious wines in combination with matching dishes.

During the evening, the gold or silver puzzle pieces “collapsed” into each other. The good atmosphere of the general area was alternated by invitation with a dinner An from our festively set tables.


Finally, Eric and Rudy have their say;

“It is good to receive our guests together again after 2 years of absence. At the gold and silver table we had good conversations, and of course shared knowledge about the wine and food combinations that were served. A great event to look back on. This way we can now really focus on the beauty that 2023 has to offer us."


Photography; Minneboo Photography - Conceptual image thinker and photographer!

Culinary; Van Gruijthuijsen | catering

Wine; Clavis Wine Import Hilvarenbeek

Entertainment; Peter Faber sings! | Musician, entertainer, lyricist

Entertainment; Paul Vlasveld

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