12 OCTOBER 2023

Porsche Centrer Brabant - Construction site tour with assessor

Responsible Construction Practice (BREEAM-NL) in the Realization of Porsche Center Brabant in Oisterwijk

Janssen Aannemers (Moergestel) is currently hard at work on the construction of the new Porsche Center Brabant in Oisterwijk. Quadrant4 is taking on the project management and is also guiding Janssen Aannemers in the BREEAM-NL sustainability process. This also includes the site visit with the BREEAM-NL assessor (which took place on September 6, 2023). We would like to tell you more about what precedes this visit and who does what within such a process.


Brief Explanation of Managing Construction Sites within BREEAM-NL (MAN 03)

"Promoting the responsible and accountable management of construction sites in terms of environmental and social aspects" is how MAN 03, responsible construction practice within the BREEAM-NL system, is described. To meet these requirements, the following three credits are necessary:

  • Environmental management on the construction site (1 point)
  • Responsible construction site management (2 points)
  • Monitoring the environmental impact of the construction site (2 points)

For newcomers, studying and applying the BREEAM-NL system can be challenging, as it is quite complex. Fortunately, our BREEAM-NL experts are always available to assist our clients. They help you navigate through this matter. In this case, we are also working together with the Janssen Aannemers team who are building according to the BREEAM-NL system for the first time.


Advice and Guidance from Quadrant4 Prior to the Site Visit

Quadrant4's BREEAM-NL experts assisted Janssen Aannemers in preparing their documents and setting up the construction site. The tips and examples gathered from previous Quadrant4 projects were highly valuable and were shared with the Janssen Aannemers team. Leading up to the site inspection on September 6, we collectively reviewed the documents to ensure their completeness. Subsequently, we submitted them as evidence for MAN 03. When everything was ready, our team was prepared to welcome the assessor to the construction site.

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"Building buildings in which people feel good, whether it's a luxury villa, an average house, an extension, an office building, or a public building." That is Janssen Aannemers' mission. Of course, sustainable construction ambitions align seamlessly with this mission. For Janssen Aannemers, the Porsche Center Brabant project marks their first introduction to the automotive industry and the BREEAM-NL system. After thorough preparation, the execution is now in full swing. The construction site in the heart of Oisterwijk looks great and is being managed perfectly by the dedicated Janssen Aannemers team.

A New Step in Line with Janssen Aannemers Mission

Statements from Involved Parties:

Tom Das (Junior Project Manager and Sustainability Manager at Janssen Aannemers)

"I started as a blank slate. That's why I sought advice from the experts. I also familiarized myself with the BREEAM-NL system. The exciting part is that achieving the best possible BREEAM-NL score has truly become a personal challenge for me."

Jerry van den Heuvel (BREEAM-NL Assessor at C2N)

"I combine checks with constructive criticism, especially during the construction site phase. My personal goal is to alert builders to their challenges and provide them with tools to achieve the predetermined BREEAM-NL credit goals."


Foundation Laid

As for the documentation and evidence for MAN 03, the foundation has now been laid. The Janssen Aannemers team, along with our experts, can be satisfied with the submitted documents and the construction site setup. During the site visit, we received compliments from assessor Jerry. He encouraged us to maintain this level of quality throughout the entire construction period. In any case, the Janssen Aannemers team is more than inspired. They are committed to building more environmentally consciously, with or without BREEAM-NL ambitions.

BREEAM-NL   Verantwoorde bouwpraktijken - BREEAM-NL richtlijn

Expert             https://www.quadrant4.nl/diensten/duurzaamheid-breeam/

Assessor        https://c2n.nl/ Jerry van den Heuvel

Contractor      https://www.janssenaannemers.nl/

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